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Smartview services

Light control system

Power consumption reduction up to 70%, Simulation of presence in the place, Increasing the useful life of equipment, Utilizing the best equipment, Control through the application

Curtain control system

The possibility of implementing different scenarios of closing the curtains based on the schedule, The possibility of controlling the curtain from different points

Remote control system

Control from all over the world, Knowledge of the condition of the building at any time and any place, Control through mobile application, Control through a personal computer

Audio and video system control

Energy efficiency, Smart music playback, Remote control by phone and tablet

Smart security system

Increase the level of welfare, Entry and exit report, Video surveillance system control, View images on the touch panel, View images remotely

Temperature control system

Increase the level of welfare, Energy management control system, Reporting the temperature of different points, Energy efficiency

Smart glass

Increase the level of welfare, Create privacy, Create acoustic and thermal insulation privacy, Smart control of frosted and clear glass