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Residential smart technology

What is a smart home?

Smart homes are designed to save time and money, create security at home and do home affairs remotely and only by connecting to the Internet. A smart building is a residence equipped with a set of different devices that automatically perform tasks that humans usually do.

Smart parking

Today, traffic management in parking lots leads to the shortening and elimination of long waiting lines, preventing unnecessary traffic on the floors in order to find a parking space and thus helping to increase traffic in the parking area, reducing air pollution and noise pollution (reducing The functioning of the ventilation and exhaust system), reducing electricity consumption and finally creating added value, is of great importance.

Smart cooling and heating

Common heating and cooling systems such as motorhomes require manual adjustments and this can be a negative feature for these systems. The smart heating and cooling system comes with the ability to be controlled remotely through a mobile phone, tablet, smart speaker, etc. and can be an important and essential part of a smart home system.

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Smart security and safety

Smart systems are very strong in the security and safety phase. Suppose you want to leave the house and after executing the exit scenario, your security and safety system will be activated. All detectors are ready to protect your home. If the slightest fire or movement is sensed by the detectors, the sirens will sound and a notification will appear on your phone, and you can view the events by entering the application and opening the camera.

Smart audio and video

Sound and music are the enjoyable part of a smart home. By installing a smart audio and video system, you can play the music you want at home by simply touching a button. By installing this system, you can control TV, radio, satellite, audio players, etc. through the remote control or touch panel.

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Intelligent lighting control

The smart lighting system is one of the main parts of the smart home, which provide the possibility of remote control of the lamps. This feature of the smart lighting system saves energy by remote control of lamps or using light and motion sensors. The advantages of the lighting system can be mentioned as follows:

Access control system

Nowadays, with the spread of various threats, the presence of a reliable security structure in buildings seems necessary. One of the dimensions of this structure is the implementation of access and traffic control systems (Access Control System) in the building. In building traffic control systems, what is important is knowledge in the design type. For this purpose, in the first stage, it is necessary to know the different spaces of the building and the use of each one, so that the reader, entrances and door accessories are placed in one of the categories of authority or validity, and the related access control system is placed there.


Intelligence protocols

In the field of smart home and buildings, the type of protocols is an important discussion. In fact, protocols are a common language with which smart devices in smart homes can perform their activities and communicate with each other. The discussion of smart protocols is very important, because practically, without a common language, smart devices cannot perform their activities and communicate with each other. Companies that make smart devices define and design various smart home communication protocols.

For example, the Zigbee Alliance or the Z-Wave Alliance may set specific standards for the protocol design of their smart devices. What you should pay attention to when choosing the type of smart systems is that each of the different brands and smart devices may have different smart home communication protocols and each of these protocols has its own characteristics.