By intelligentization residential, office, commercial space, etc., you can experience life with technology. This amazing experience is brought to you by Smart View.

Smart life

What do you know about Intelligentization?

It’s time to assign the responsibility of parts of life to smart systems. Intelligent systems manage all electrical and mechanical appliances and report the events. From temperature control to maintaining the security of the residence and….

Smart cycle

The reasons why they choose us...

Knowing the needs of the employer and providing expert suggestions

In order to guarantee quality, after-sales service is provided.

After installation, the system is launched and the employer is taught how to work.

According to the general plan, the necessary equipment is prepared and programmed.

The complete estimation of the costs is based on the design of the smart system and the contract

Designing the smart system according to the needs of the employer

Our projects

Examples of implemented projects


اهمیت هوشمند سازی

اهمیت هوشمند سازی در چیست؟ ساختمان‌های هوشمند، فناوری و اینترنت اشیا را با هم ادغام می‌کنند تا راه‌حل‌هایی برای مسائل قدیمی، هزینه‌های بیش از حد و ناکارآمدی در ساخت و ساز ساختمان و استفاده ارائه دهند. در یک ساختمان هوشمند همه….

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